October 11, 2016

The electric fence has no zap!

It appears the horses have finally discovered the electric fence has no zap. For the last week while the horses are in eating their breakfast, I have been out in the field untangling, and restringing the electric fence. The charger has not been working well for a while, but it finally died a week or so ago. I only noticed after the horses noticed.

horse electric fence with no zap

We've had a new charger for a week. Installing it has been on the "to do list" since then. Finding time to do things on the "to do list" though has been a problem. We're hoping tomorrow's going to be the day. Now that the horses know the fence doesn't bite anymore, everyday it takes me longer to put it all back up. Soon they will be pushing the poles over and breaking the electric tape itself. We need to get the fence powered back up.

It always amazes me that those 3 strands of tape keep the horses on their side of the fence. I realize now that the tape is nothing without the electric. It's that surprise of the zap that scares them away. It usually only takes once to make them wary, twice zapped and they stay away.

If you have ever been tempted to touch an electric fence now would be the time to do it. Tomorrow when the sun shines on the new solar fence charger you might just get a jolt full of volts. I bet you won't touch it a second time. Only kidding, this is not an invitation to touch the electric fence! Promise me you'll give it a wide berth when you Come Ride With Us!

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