April 19, 2018

Small Acreage Pasture Management | Electric Fence Superstore

Free Advice! One of the first considerations in any grazing system is stock water.  Its availability will dictate which pastures you can utilize.  Some grazing systems drag tanks from paddock to paddock, but a more permanent water point that incorporates cross-fencing or a common lane to water more than one paddock at a time is more convenient.  It lets you keep a closer eye on the water source and cuts down the time involved in managing it.  If you’re in a cold winter region, don’t forget to run electricity to the tank location.  We all have better things to do than chop ice all winter!


Next, you will need some type of fencing, unless you’re willing to herd your animals from plant to plant.  Electric fencing as the most cost-effective method of controlling the time your stock graze a given area.  Today there are many types of animal containment systems, and the choices can be daunting.  Any system worth its salt will have technical advice available for the potential user; maybe even on-the-ground help.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help with a grazing plan, watering plan, and fence design and placement.


There are fencing configurations that allow control of many species, including horses, cattle, sheep and goats.  Another factor that will influence the fence design is the presence of wildlife. A fence that must coexist with deer or elk may have a substantially different design that one that does not. Let’s look closer at some specific designs.

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