June 21, 2018

Multispecies Grazing: Management Techniques & Animal Care

Multispecies Grazing: Management Techniques & Animal Care [CRAFT]

Event Overview
Deep Roots Valley Farm
1047 Irish Creek Rd
Mohrsville, PA 19541
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 11
3pm - 5:30pm
PSU ext
Event Description
Learn how to manage a multi-species grazing system, including implementing succession grazing techniques and caring for each animal species from start to finish, at Deep Roots Valley
Deep Roots Valley directly markets its product to consumers and restaurants. Over the past seven years, owners and operators Will and Kelly Smith have worked to convert their fifth-generation family farm from a conventional crop operations to a multispecies grazing operation. They intensively graze approximately 60 head of beef cattle, pasture raise 2,000 laying hens, pasture 5,000 broilers, and finish 15 pigs on their 150-acre farm in Berks County.
CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) events are designed for aspiring and beginning farmers, but can nonetheless provide valuable opportunities for experienced farmers to glean insights from their peers.
Speaker Information
Will and Kelly both worked in the restaurant industry before returning to Kelly’s family farm. From the start, Will and Kelly have aspired to revamp the farm to raise the healthiest food possible to feed their family and surrounding community.
Do you allow walk-ins?
Limited space is available for this event. Please contact Aaron de Long to see if space for walk-ins is available.
What should I prepare/bring with me to this event?
Please wear appropriate footwear for walking outside.
Bring a reusable water bottle to fill on site and stay hydrated.
Bring a note-taking device.
Remember your business cards- PASA events are an excellent networking opportunity.
Bring your questions! Make the most of this event by preparing several questions for the day.
Who do I contact if I have more questions about this event?
Please contact Aaron de Long at (814) 349-9856 x25 or aaron@pasafarming.org for more information about this event.

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