October 19, 2017

Livestock Grazers | the best selection of Gallagher Electric fence products

Valley Farm Supply specializes in Gallagher brand electric fence energizers. The best prices, 2 year warranties, fast service, and free shipping, make them a preferred source to grass farmers worldwide. Their selection includes, Mains/AC powered chargers, Solar powered chargers, and Battery/DC powered chargers for farms from 2 to 2000 acres. Also visit them for better choices in fence wire, insulators, posts, poly wires, poly tapes, poly ropes, fence reels, fence testers, grounding parts, strainers, fencing tools, and all the essential fencing hardware needed for your farm or ranch.

 Valley Farm Supply LLC was established in 2004 as a source for quality farm supplies at unbeatable prices. They offer high quality electric fencing solutions and have a huge selection of essential Gallagher livestock management products in stock. Valley Farm Supply offers the complete Gallagher product line at www.gallagherelectricfencing.com

Livestock Grazers can find the best selection of Gallagher Tumble wheels, grazing reels, step-in posts, fence wire, Smartfence systems, Poultry and Sheep netting, temporary fencing products and other grazing supplies.

Valley Farm Supply is also an industry leader for livestock weigh scales from Gallagher and has the complete selection of Miraco livestock watering systems available.

Visit www.gallagherelectricfencing.com today or call 717-786-0368 for the best prices and selection to make your operation successful.

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