May 17, 2017

How will you weigh your cattle? | Gallagher Scales Solutions

Will you be weighing cattle in a permanent installation, such as a squeeze chute, or is a portable a better solution? The cattle weigh scale indicator connects to the load bars, and the model of load bars needed will depend on permanent vs portable installation and length of load bars needed.

Permanent installation such as a under squeeze chute: The Heavy Duty load bar set is ideal for use with squeeze chutes. The load bars/cells are installed under the chute, and they need to be mounted in concrete to ensure safety and reliability. (The chute does not have to be on concrete).

Portable installation in an alley: The Gallagher Alleyway load bars are designed for use with platforms in alleyways. This is a popular option because the scale system can be setup right before the entrance into the squeeze chute, or anywhere in the alleyway where the animal will be stopping. In addition, you can move this setup around/to another location, etc, as it does not need concrete - it is just on the ground.

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