January 31, 2017

How to set up poultry, sheep or goat netting fence

  1. Undo the 3 tie cords wrapped around the netting. These cords will be used as corner ties (Step 5). Holding all of the posts together in your hands, let the net drop to the ground. The long cord in the bag is used to tie back the end post (Step 4) if the net is setup in a square or rectangular shape.

  2. Stick the end post into the ground with 1 hand while holding the bundle of posts with the other.

  3. Walk along the proposed fence line, laying line posts on the ground. Stop where you want to make a corner. Go back to the rst post and set up the posts to the corner. Proceed to the next corner and repeat the set up.

  4. When all the line posts are in line, insert the last post into the ground and secure it with the white cord and metal anchor stake. The white tie cord is 10’ long. Tie a loop in the middle of the cord to go over the top of 1 end post. Stake the 2 cord ends to the ground, parallel to the direction of the fence lines.

  5. The corners are supported by tying down the corner posts at a 45° angle with a black cord and metal anchor stake.

  6. Anchor the bottom strand of the net to the ground between posts with the metal anchor stakes. Connect the fence charger to the metal clip at the end of the net. An alligator clip works well for this connection. Use the metal clips to connect multiple nets together. Tie the tops of the 2 end posts together with 1 of the clip cords.

  7. To dismantle the netting, pull out all the posts and lay them on the ground. Walk along and collect the posts.

  8. Roll the netting toward the posts and secure with ties.

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