September 28, 2016

How to set up electric fence to keep people from stealing Trump signs

It may seem extreme, but it also seems only fair that an electric fence would be the solution for this Trump-related problem.

A Bellingham, Wash., man is done asking the authorities for help with his missing Donald Trump signs and decided setting up an electric fence around them is the best option.

Ray Gilbride told a radio station that he has “had no luck” with the authorities helping to recover his Donald Trump signs that he says were stolen from his property so he decided to hook up a 1.5-joule electric fence to keep them away. “It’ll light you up a little bit,” Gilbride said. “Especially if you’re standing in wet grass.”

Donald Trump sign photo

Gilbride told KIRO that he saw a female on his property, via his security camera, trying to steal the electrified sign and she was successful save a few shocks. “This young lady came running through and she grabs the signs, pulls them out and that’s where you can see plain as day, the jolt hit her a little bit,” he said. “She just stopped, just a dead stop, and soon as the pulsing was done, she kinda got her senses and ripped them out and took off running down the street. But it was a pretty funny video.”

While he has faced criticism of his decision, Gilbride said he spoke with the authorities on how he could protect his property and decided the fence was the best method. “We live in a society that’s gone so backwards. First of all, if people stopped being friends with their kids and started being parents, maybe some of it wouldn’t happen,” he told KIRO. “The fact is, stealing is stealing. I’m getting a lot of that criticism, too, people saying it’s just a sign. Why do we prosecute kids for stealing just a candy bar? Situational ethics is wrong. Stealing is stealing. You’ve got to go back to the basics. If it’s not yours don’t touch it.”

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