February 22, 2018

Gallagher Fencing Tip: Preventing Electric Fence Failure


How do I prevent electric fence failure?

80% of all electric fence problems can be traced to inadequate grounding. A proper ground will test 200 volts or less.  Check your system and if it's above 200 volts, add more ground rods until the reading is 200 or less.

Can I electrify my barbed wire fence?

No! It is extremely dangerous to electrify barbed wire. Animals and humans can become entangled in barbed wire, preventing them from getting away from the shock. While the shock emitted by most quality energizers is safe to man and beast, the stress of entrapment can become exhausting and dangerous.

How do I get the most use from polytape?

Don't 'unroll" it when you take it off of the spool, just let it come off of the end of the roll. This will leave a spiral which will eliminate any wind chatter and create a dramatic visual effect that will be noticed by livestock or wildlife.

How do I prevent lightening damage to my electric fence energizers?

To minimize lightening damage to your energizer as well as to any other piece of electrical equipment on your farm or appliance in your house, contact your utility company and have them check your primary and secondary utility ground to make sure that each is 10 ohms or less.  85% of all lightening damage to energizers comes from or through the electrical outlet.

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