August 17, 2018

Electric Fence Troubleshooting | Is my fence charger working?

Energizer is not on or there is no voltmeter reading

across the energizer output terminals with the

energizer disconnected from the fence.

1A. Probable Cause: Mainline power outage or

blown fuse on input circuit

Solution: Restore power or replace blown fuse

1B. Probable Cause: Energizer is switched off

Solution: Check energizer “on-off” switch.

1C. Probable Cause: Dry cell batteries are dead;

wet cell batteries are discharged

Solution: Recharge or replace batteries

1D. Probable Cause: Battery terminals are corroded

Solution: Clean terminals

1E. Probable Cause: Energizer is faulty

Solution: Have energizer serviced


Angela whiting said:

Wonder if you can help. A B260 red left hand light is red but no pulcing light on the right as usual. Thankyou for your gelp

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