September 28, 2016

Electric Fence Energizer or Fence Charger?

We get asked many questions about electric fencing. Some people ask us about fencers, fence chargers, shockers or energizers. So is there a difference in what a fence charger is called/ The answer is no. they all do the same thing. They send current down a fence line to no where. An animal touches the electric fence and the current completes a circuit back to a ground rod. The animal gets a shock and learns not to touch the fence.

Some times  Electric Fence Energizers are spelled Energisers... We see this alot in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. What ever you want to call them is fine with us. Call us to order your next electric fence energizer.

We carry many brands such as trutest, Gallagher, cyclops, speedrite, stafix, patriot, parmak, and others. We will recommend the right energizer for your farm or ranch.

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