September 30, 2016


How Electric Fencing Works:

The object of electric fencing is to keep your livestock inside their grazing area by giving them an electric shock when they contact the charged fence wire. properly installed and grounded electric fence is an effective, economical way to fence livestock.

WARNING: Electric fence is a psychological barrier, not a physical barrier. It’s effectiveness depends on proper fence construction. Under certain circumstances livestock can escape the fenced area. do not rely on a portable electric fence as the only means of keeping livestock out of areas that may cause injury to themselves or people. Fence construction will vary depending on location of fence and type of livestock being confined. special attention to constructing fence should be given when fence is located near roadways, railroad tracks, rivers, ponds, etc., to insure animals cannot escape the fenced area, which may cause injury to themselves or people. constructing a temporary, portable fence is not recommended for these locations, a perma- nent physical barrier fence should be used in these locations.

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