September 30, 2016

Electric fence batteries found wired up to children's park railings

This should have been a Gallagher electric fence charger / energizer. Police are appealing for more information after the batteries were discovered at a park Somewhere.

The batteries, used to power electric fencing, were found attached to children's play park railings. An image shows stolen batteries which were used to turn the railings of a children’s park into an electric fence.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating after the equipment was discovered by a passer-by in the play area, on Moor Street, in Shaw, Oldham .

The batteries and electric fence energiser were attached to the railings and would have given anyone who touched the fence an electric shock.

It is believed the equipment was stolen from a local farm.

Some have suggested young people had attaching the battery to the park railings, close to Crompton Primary School, as a “prank”.

Others raised questions about whether children playing in the park could have been put at risk by the equipment, which is used to convert power from a battery into pulses and push them down a fence.

The batteries and electric fence energiser were attached to the railings of the play area on Moor Street, in Shaw.
The pulses have a high voltage and low amperage, which makes them safe but gives anyone who touches it an unpleasant experience. They are normally used in farming to ensure animals do not escape from enclosures.

GMP Royton and Shaw posted images of the equipment on Facebook and asked anybody with further information to get in touch.

Hundreds of Facebook users have blasted the culprit as ‘vile’ and ‘sick’.

Andy Gloss wrote: “I can’t see how the person doing this would seek enjoyment out of it. They’ve actually put thought and time into it.”

Joanne Crutchley posted: “Why would anyone want to hurt innocent children.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “It’s vile. And it’s the park right next to my house I will be paranoid going now.”

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