March 20, 2018

“Easy On, Easy Off” T-Post Fence Insulators

 A new horseshoe-shaped insulator went on the market last June and has been an overwhelming success. “We exhibited at a major 12-day livestock show last fall in Louisville, Ky., and brought 55,000 insulators.

We sold out 3 days before the show ended and had farmers buying 1,000 insulators at a time because they liked the product so much,” says Nick Hiner, inventor of the LockJawz T-360 insulator. The patented insulator consists of a horseshoe-shaped hard plastic “jaw” that snaps into place on T-posts and can be used on poly rope, dual strand barbed wire, and 12 to 14-ga. high tensile wire. No tools are required to install or remove it. “Because it can be mounted in 6 different positions around the post it doesn’t matter which direction the post faces, whereas conventional insulators can only be mounted on one side of the post. You can even alternate mounting the wire on front and back of the posts in order to strengthen the fence,” says Hiner.

The insulators are made from high quality HDP plastic with a heavy ultraviolet inhibitor in it, so they should last at least 5 to 10 years. And they’re easy to take off and reposition so you can use them over and over again. “LockJawz insulators were designed to give instead of break like other more rigid insulators do,” says Hiner. “The sun and large animals are always going to win; our goal is to improve the longevity and odds for your fence to stay intact when these events occur.

Due to the design and strength of the insulator, you can make 180 degree turns with LockJawz at the end of a pasture without needing a special insulator. You can even use it on outside fence corners.” Hiner is an engineer who lives next to a farmer who became his friend and business partner. “Wade Simon was in the process of ‘restarting’ a farm that belonged to his wife’s family, and he told me what he didn’t like about fence insulators on the market. So we put our heads together and tried to solve as many of the problems as we could.” You can check out of a video of LockJawz T-360 electric fence insulators at www. A bag of 25 LockJawz sells for $9.99 plus S&H. Volume discounts are available. 

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