August 31, 2017

Donate $100 toward Gallagher Fence Products and We will ship them to Texas Farm Bureau.

Help Valley Farm Supply, LLC. send the Texas Farm Bureau a shipment of Gallagher Fence Posts, Gallagher Fence Wire, Energizers, and other Gallagher Fence Supplies for distribution to Farmers and Ranchers affected by the Texas Flooding.

You can help the Texas Agriculture Flood Victims in 2 ways. 

1. Donate directly here to the Texas Farm Bureau

2. Or Buy $100 worth of Gallagher Fence Products Here from Valley Farm Supply that will be delivered to the Texas Farm Bureau

Either, Donate $100 toward Gallagher Fence Products and We will ship them to Texas Farm Bureau. 

Give only $100 to help Livestock producers like yourself rebuild and keep cattle, horses and other animals secure. We willsend a shipment of Gallagher Fence Posts, Gallagher Fence Wire, Energizers, and other Gallagher Fence Supplies for distribution to farmers and Ranchers affected by the Texas Flooding.  

  • We do all the work.
  • We can get it sent directly at wholesale prices from Gallagher.
  • We will send you a Gallagher Fence Baseball cap as a thank you.
  • You can print a receipt for tax deduction purposes.
  • Its the American thing to do!

Or, Donate Directly to Texas Farm Bureau Hurricane Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey has put Texas agriculture at risk.

The storm arrived Friday night, Aug. 25, holding nothing back, and devastated a large portion of the Lone Star State. Homes, barns and crops were no match for the high-powered winds, and catastrophic rainfall that flooded the region.

Make a tax-deductible donation today. 

Texas Farm Bureau’s Agriculture Research and Education Foundation is accepting tax-deductible donations to aid in the relief effort following the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

This fund will collect and distribute monetary contributions only.

One hundred percent of the donations to this fund will be dispersed via an application process directly to farmers and ranchers located in counties that have been designated as disaster areas by the federal government for this event.

Click here for details of the relief fund and how to apply for assistance.

Your tax-deductible credit card donation can be made online by clicking the link below:

Please contact Janice Neckar at or 254-751-2494 with donation questions.

If you prefer to pay by check, it should be made out and sent to:

Texas Farm Bureau Agriculture Research and Education Foundation
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
P.O. Box 2689
Waco, TX 76702-2689
Attn: Cyndi Gerik

Buy $100 worth of Gallagher Fence for Texas Farm Bureau Here and get a free Gallagher Cap.

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