December 17, 2017

Dogs in my trash | Electric Fence?

Hi Gallagher,

I am looking through your website for a suitable unit to keep my labrador out of my trash can, I love my dog but it is becoming very frustrating having to pick up all my trash all the time and of course she NEVER does it when we are home and watching her and I cannot really relocate my trashcan due to my yards layout I do not want to give her a huge shock that will really really hurt her but definitely something unpleasant . It should only take one or two zaps to train her not to touch the can any more and after that I plan to use the unit to fence my chickens out of my veggies . I was looking at your .11 joule b11 portafence unit I am guessing the higher the joules the unit outputs the stronger the zap the animal experiences?? Is that correct ? 12v and battery is fine as I have solar panels already do you think that unit is the most suitable in terms of a low but still unpleasant shock ?

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