June 28, 2018

Choosing the Right Energizer (Electric Fence Charger)

Choosing the Right Energizer (Fence Charger)

Once you have decided what type of electric fence you want for your property, you will need an energizer also known as a fence charger to power it.  The ​correct energizer size for your property is determined by the type of animal to be fenced, distance of fence to be powered and the number of wires in the fence.

There are two types of energizers:

  • Mains powered - these are energizer units which are plugged into a mains power supply.
  • Battery/Solar powered - these are energizer units which can be left out in your paddock and require a battery to run them. Two batteries can be rotated on a regular basis or a solar panel can be an effective means of continuously charging your battery.

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