February 17, 2017

Care of Electric Fence Sheep Goat Netting | Poultry Electro Net


Regularly check that the fence is properly electri ed. Nets that are not electri ed can be a danger to animals. A low- impedance fence charger must be used. The fence cannot be connected directly to an electricity supply. Before doing any maintenance on or near the net, turn off the fence charger. If grass and weeds are tall enough to touch the lowest electric strand (the second strand from the bottom), mow a strip of grass along the line of the fence before installation, or apply an approved herbicide. Do not spray the netting with herbicide. Keep the fence at least 6” away from non-insulated objects such as metal posts, water lines, or anything that can conduct electricity to the ground. Keep netting away from heat sources. When mowing around the netting, do not allow the muf er of the mower to hit the netting. Ensure that the fence charger has a good ground connection. Store rolled up nets out of reach of pests.

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