November 06, 2013

Don’t have time to waste? Get the i Series!

Dairy farmers are so short on time, the last thing you want to do is muck around trying to find faults — particularly if it’s right on milking time. Of course, you can’t leave a fence not working properly, but neither can you put off milking! But how much time will it take to find the fault?
Or, you might be out on the tractor, about to cut silage, and notice some cows where they shouldn’t be. (Or your neighbour calls to tell you they have “visitors”.) Again, you really should be doing something else, so how long will it take to find the fault?
With the i Series? Not long!
The beauty about the i Series is that it’s a monitored energizer, that will basically tell you where the fault is.
Here’s how to do it
Set up your controller somewhere you walk past often — I’ve commonly seen them in milking sheds or at the back door. Then put the monitors out on the fence, spread over the farm — it’s very handy to have one at the furthest point of your property. If there’s a short, it will light up on the controller, pinpointed by the monitor closest to the short. So instead of driving over your whole farm, you can go straight to the fault. No mucking around.
And when you get there, just turn off the fence with the remote — that’s another fantastic innovation Gallagher has developed. This saves you even more time, because you don’t need to go all the way back to the shed to turn off the power (or hope the worker you asked to do it actually did!).
Texting faults
You can even set it up so the i Series Energizer sends you a text message if there’s a fault. And… if you lose your remote, you can use your phone to do it.
Keeping the bulls under control
If you’re breeding your own heifers, it’s especially important to control when the bull is in with the cows. The last thing you want to see is that he’s found them himself.
Again here, the i Series fits dairy farming to a “t”. Because the fence is monitored, you will know the moment there’s a problem with the bull paddock fencing. And you can fix it immediately. End of problem.

Hot tips:
• dairy farming is all about time management: the i Series saves you time (and time is money)
• monitors pinpoint faults on the fence, so they’re quick and easy to find (no driving everywhere)
• save more time by turning off the fence with the remote (don’t have to go all the way back to the shed)
• put a farm diagram of where fence monitors are to save even more time (no asking, “where’s monitor 2 again?”)
• put the controller somewhere close — like the milking shed, or back door
• the i Series Energizer can send you a text message if there’s a fault
• if you lose your remote, you can use your phone to turn off the fence
• comes into its own in monitoring bull-paddock fencing (vital when breeding your own heifers)

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