March 18, 2016

Electric Fence for Zoos and wildlife parks | Electric Fencing

Are you a zoo or wildlife animal park manager? Have you considered using electric fence to help contain animals? An electric fence can be a inexpensive source for keeping species on large area of a zoo. Must of the time the fence is installed by a contractor with fencing experience basic knowledge of  animal or wildlife fencing.
Your role as a zoo keeper plays an important part in the application of the fence. You already should know that chimps will act differently than cheetahs and elephants are a long ways from gorillas.
Public safety is a concern. An electric fence is not a psychical barrier, but a psychological barrier. Animals need to be trained to what the fence is and what an electric zoo fence can do. Animals and wildlife will learn the bounds of the fence and stay way from it. Anials can still bolt out of an electric fence.
Please consult with other park managers and zoo keepers for advise. We have helped supply electric fence equipment for many zoos and parks over the years.
Visit our website at for more info and your direct source for electric fence supplies.

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Quote on electric fence for elephants at New Mexico bio Park Zoo

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