March 09, 2016

Where to buy an electric fence charger | Gallagher Electric Fence

BUY HERE! Are you shopping for an electric fence energizer, fence charger, or fencer? The place to buy is . Valley Farm Supply offers the best selection of electric fence chargers for farm and ranch operations.

Valley Farm Supply is a one stop shopping center for all farm fencing needs. We offer a complete selection of electric fence energizers, electric fence chargers, electric fencers. They are also known as electric fence controllers but most people refer to them as fence chargers.


We also offer a wide selection of electric fence wire, electric fence posts and electric fence insulators. Also important to note is a grounding system for your electric fence. The ground system is one of the most important parts of an electric fence. Without a complete an adequate ground system your electric fence charger will not operate properly.

Please give us a call at 717-786-0368 to learn what you need to know about installing electric fence on your farm.

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