March 04, 2016

How to build an electric fence for farm animals

Are you looking to build an electric fence for your farm or ranch? Where do you buy electric fence parts and products? How much do I need to build the electric fence? How much will it cost me to build an electric fence for livestock?

electric fence for livestock
If you think about it, building an electric fence is easy. There are basically three parts to an electric fence. First you have the electric fence charger. This can be powered by solar energy, mains power or 110 V current, or a 12 V battery or DC current.

Next you have the fence. The fence consists of three things fence posts, wire, and electric fence insulators.

Lastly, you have one of the most important parts which is your grounding system. Grounding is also known as the earth system. It consists of ground rods and a wire that leads back to your electric fence charger. It's important to have good grounding for many reasons. On animal touches the fence and the electric current passes through its body through the soil and back to the electric fence charger and the animal gets a shock.

electric fence


That's the basics of how the electric fence works.
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