March 03, 2016

Gallagher Electric Fence Screw in Insulator for wood posts

There are a lot of companies where you can buy electric fence insulators today. There are many differences in quality and durability of electric fence products so it’s important to buy the best products you can when designing and building an electric fence for your farm or ranch.

A great item from the Gallagher Electric fence company is the SCREW-IN RING INSULATOR. Part number G66604. This is a high quality insulator designed for longevity in all kinds of weather and harsh environments. Your electric fence with be challenged throughout the years with everything from sunlight, to rain to snow loads.

Its available in black or white. It’s made to screw directly into wooden post without any pilot holes. It can also be used on trees. The insulators are made from high density, sunlight-resistant polyethylene plastic for durability. It has  an angled slot which allows quick securing and safe holding of electric fence wire. This electric fence insulator is strong enough to hold high tensile wire or poli-wire. Internally, they feature a long metal core.

Check out the Gallagher Screw-in insulator from Valley Farm Supply. They ship fast to you in a bag of 25.

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