March 01, 2016

Selecting an energy free cattle, horse, sheep, goat watering system

One of the most essential nutrients and animal needs is water. A energy free livestock waterer may be what you need on your ranch or farm. It may seem like a huge undertaking to install an energy free livestock watering system, but it is actually very simple. One of the first steps is contacting your local county extension agent and talking to them. There are various payment programs available in different areas to help off set the cost of the equipment and installation of the cattle drinker.
You will need to determine the size of fountain for the number animals it will service. We offer 2 different Lapp energy free drinkers or waterer for cattle, horses, or smaller animals like sheep and goats. The Lapp 2008 is a single hole unit that mount to a concrete pad and waters about 35 Dairy Cattle, 50 Beef Cattle, 30 Horses, or 300 Sheep. The size of the unit is 19-3/4" W x 17" H x 28-3/4"   and weights 44 Lbs.
The drinker is well designed for long life. It holds up to 8 Gallons of cool water for livestock. The units uses ground heat to keep the water supply from freezing and to keep drinking water cool in summer. The waterer is made in New Holland, PA and is built from strong and durable materials .
Please check here for more information about installing a new energy free waterer of your farm or ranch.

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