February 06, 2016

Do Not Donate to HSUS!


1. HSUS spends nearly 2/3rds of its massive revenue stream on fundraising and salaries. In 2012, they generated $125 million from donations, $42 million of which went towards fundraising efforts and $44.3 million towards salaries.

2. In the 2014 election cycle, HSUS spent well over $5 million in direct contributions and independent expenditures on candidate races, former candidate pay-offs, and ballot issues. This doesn’t even include the money spent on lobbying efforts.

3. HSUS placed $26 million of reported “investments” in the Cayman Islands. This is just one of the many financial deceptions that has prompted members of our U.S. Congress to call for IRS investigations into HSUS’s 501 (c)3 tax standing.

4. In March 2014, a consumer alert was issued to Oklahomans by Attorney General Pruitt’s office in response to concerns over HSUS’s fundraising practices. Pruitt’s office then launched an investigation into HSUS fundraising appeals made in OK following a 2013 tornado. HSUS was also investigated, years earlier, by the Louisiana Attorney General following an HSUS ad campaign that raised a reported $35 million as New Orleans was recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Not all of that money made it back to Louisiana in the form of aid. Tax forms show less than $8.6 million was disbursed by HSUS that year in the form of grants, worldwide, while HSUS said they could account for $18 million that was supposedly used in Louisiana to aid recovery and help animals.

5. HSUS paid $15 million to Feld Entertainment to avoid racketeering charges in a RICO case against them. 5` Racketeering is any criminal activity that is performed to benefit an organization, a charge that is typically used against organized crime syndicates. The reason HSUS was forced into paying that settlement is that they paid a key witness in a separate trial against Feld Entertainment (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus) to provide false testimony against Feld.

6. To reiterate, the last two letters in RICO stand for Corrupt OrganizationsWayne Pacelle, HSUS President and Chief Executive Officer, is a former director of radical activist group Fund for Animals and also has strong ties to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a group that has used violence against fishing boats. Since joining HSUS, Pacelle has distanced himself from his more radical past, often denouncing those groups.

7. Some direct quotes from the HSUS president

“I don’t love animals or think they are cute.”

– Yale Daily News

ect quotes taken from

“One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals.”
– Quoted in Animal People, May 1993.

“In fact, I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.”

8. While its President may not love animals, many at HSUS do and are dedicated to preventing animal use in any capacity. This is represented in its Three R’s philosophy on its website.

The three R’s they refer to are:

REDUCING the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods;
REFINING the diet by eating products only from animals who have been raised, transported, and slaughtered in a system of humane, sustainable agriculture that does not abuse the animals; and REPLACING meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods.

9. HSUS has a proven track record of pursuing its meatless/animal-free agenda regardless of the consequences, harming farmers, ranchers, sportsmen, animal owners, and most importantly, consumers. In fact, on January 1st, 2015, California’s Prop. 2 and AB 1437 (“enriched” cage requirements on egg-laying hens) went into effect. This HSUS-backed legislation caused a tremendous spike in the price of eggs, the costs of which were passed on to consumers all across the country.

10. Humane Society of the United States is one of the top non-profits in the country in terms of influence in both government and public sectors. Unfortunately for HSUS, its influence doesn’t extend to its charitable ratings. Charity Navigator, one of the most respected charity evaluators, revoked HSUS’s rating on its website in 2014, replacing it with a “Donor Advisory” warning.


Please do not support HSUS!


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