January 19, 2016

The New S16 Solar Energizer from Gallagher Electric Fencing

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S16 Solar Energizer G341414

Effective portable fencing solution

Gallagher S16 Solar Energizer



  • .16 Stored Joules

  • Single Wire/No Vegetation: 10 Miles / 30 Acres

  • Multi-wire/Some Vegetation: 1 Miles / 10 Acres

  • Quick and easy install

  • Battery and leads included (Battery Replacement A905)

  • Unique battery save technology extends usage up to 3 weeks without sun

  • 2 Year warranty / over the counter exchange Phone: 1-800-531-5908 | www.gallagherusa.com


Ideal for managed grazing, this robust and portable unit makes a great alternative to battery-powered systems.

 Suggested Retail: $169.99

UPC: 6-44493-34141-9

S16 Solar Energizer

Effective portable fencing solution

Turn on and forget - Energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun

Quick to install - can be setup easily
in any location and moved about as required allowing it to be used for grazing applications and better pasture management

Battery Indicator Light

360o mounting on t-posts for correct orientation toward the sun - allows the Energizer to
be mounted on a t-post that is already part of the fence line, regardless of which way the post is facing

1.5 Watt Solar Panel

Water resistant case & components with built-in lightning protection - designed to be left outside, in all weather conditions giving the farmer confidence that it will keep stock contained

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