January 24, 2016

Energizer Facts | Electric Fence

Stored energy versus output energy?

Stored energy: Power from either a mains power source or a battery enters the energizer and is stored in capacitors as stored energy. The higher the stored energy figure the more powerful the energizer.

Output energy: A timing circuit in the energizer sends the energy down the fence line approximately once a second through a transformer as output energy. Output energy can vary depending on fence conditions and national standards.

Batteries: Where a rechargeable battery is used to power the energizer, the battery will need to be recharged as necessary depending on the size of the energizer, battery capacity and amount of use.

So choose a battery that withstands regular charge and discharge cycles without damage – such as a marine or deep cycle type. We do not recommend using automotive batteries because they are designed to supply very high current for only a short time.

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