March 28, 2017

70 miles of Gallagher electric fencing does the job right!

 Steve Smith makes good use of Gallagher electric fence on his 8000 acre ranch near Dallas Texas. The ranch is made up of this 72 pasture paddocks ranging from 8 to 220 acres… about 168 acres of renovated pasture is divided with temporary fence using Gallagher tumble wheel fencing, poly tape and Electric Fence reels.

We have been using Gallagher Electric Fence since 1971 says Smith . We use 3 to 4 wire fence on permanent pastures and single wire for temporary fencing on smaller paddocks. We operate one herd of 421 to 612 cattle in the summer and we pasture another 1000 young ones the rest of the year. The main reason we went to Gallagher electric fence from valley farm supply was lower costs per feet of fence and much more lower maintenance issues.

We can build approximately 5 miles of wire for about the same price as 1 mile of barb wire fence. And for newer cattle, Smith uses training tape with 4 to 5 wire electric fence and usually after a few days the cows leave the fence is alone who once they get shocked. The fence with the cows is only two wires. The bottom wire is a ground in the top wire is usually a hot wire. In this way the calves are able to go back and forth . We are building all of our fences with Gallagher components from valley farm supply. So far we really like the new type of electric fence chargers they have.

There are lot of new products from valley farm supply we like and they offer reliable advantages over the old style of fence construction and valley farm supply is a great place with great prices. Even our 15 year old electric fences are holding up well.

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