November 01, 2015

Malfunctioning electric fence - Lives at risk in Minneri Oya - Pamburana

The lives of locals from many villages are at risk over the malfunction of an electric fence set up from Minneri-Oya to Pamburana.

These locals say that this situation has resulted in wild elephants breaking through the fence, and storming into villages.

The construction of this electric fence commenced over a year ago in order to prevent wild elephants from the Somawathi National Reserve from storming into the villages.

Although the construction is almost complete, it has not been made public as yet. This is the fate that had befallen on the electric fence even before it is put into operation. (Please see video)

Wild elephants from the Somawathi Forest have damaged this electric fence at several locations. The 10 kilometre long stretch of the fence from Minneri Oya to Pamburana is yet to benefit the locals in the areas.

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