October 07, 2015

Get past electric fences without getting shocked while hunting | Gallagher Electric Fencing

Electric Fence and Hunting. With various hunting seasons getting ready to kick off, I was reminded recently of a tip that has helped me out of many jams in the field.

electric fences When hunting on private property, especially if you’re around a lot of farmers, you’ll often run into blocking your path. For some, this can be a daunting challenge, but it really shouldn’t be.

Simply use the butt of your gun to push the fence down toward the ground and then step over it to avoid getting shocked. The wood on your gun stock won’t conduct electricity — obviously, if you have a metal stock, don’t try this unless you have a rubber recoil pad on it — and the fence will return to normal once you take the stock off. I’ve done this countless times while hunting for snow geese near the border of Eastern Kansas and Nebraska, and it’s a great technique to easily clear an otherwise bothersome obstacle. It can also work on loose barbed wire fences.

For tighter barbed wire fences, first place your gun on the other side of the fence, then either press down on the fence with your hands and go over or have a buddy use their foot to push down on the bottom wires and their hands to pull up on the top wire and go through the hole in the middle.

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