January 25, 2015

Electric Fence Basics | Helpful tools and definitions of Gallagher electric fence

This is complete list of terms you will need when troubleshooting electric fence. If you nee help understanding the electric fence language, then please call our office for help. 717-786-0369

Term - Definition

AC - See "Alternating Current"

Alternating Current - An electric current that reverses direction at regular intervals,

having a magnitude that varies continuously in a sinusoidal


Arc - A discharge of electricity through air or a gas.

Ampere - The unit expressing the rate of flow of an electric current.

Breakdown Voltage - The voltage at which a dielectric material fails.

Circuit - A conductive path over which an electric charge may flow.

DC - See "Direct Current".

Direct Current - Electric current in which electrons flow in one direction only.

Opposite of alternating current.

Electricity - The flow of electrons through a conducting medium.

Electrical Safety - Recognizing hazards associated with the use of electrical

energy and taking precautions so that hazards do not cause

injury or death.

Induced Voltage - A voltage produced around a closed path or circuit by a

change of magnetic flux linking that path.

Insulator - A device that is used to electrically isolate a conductor or

electrical device from ground or a different electrical


Joule Output - One Joule is one Watt per second. It’s the measure of units

of energy. Stored Joules is only a theoretical element without

practical significance.

Ohm - A unit of electrical resistance defined as the resistance of a

circuit with a voltage of one volt and a current flow of one


Ohm's Law - E=IR; l=E/R; R=E/I; Where E = Voltage impressed on a circuit, I = current flowing in a circuit and R = circuitresistance. Ohm's Law is used for calculating voltage drop,fault current and other characteristics of an electrical circuit

Regulator - A device that is used to control the voltage of a circuit by

raising and lowering it.

Resistance - The opposition to current flow, expressed in ohms.

Short Circuit - A load that occurs when a conductor comes into contact with

another conductor or grounded object. An abnormal

connection of relatively low impedance between two points of

different potentials

Tensile Strength - The greatest longitudinal force that a substance can bear

without tearing apart or rupturing; also called ultimate tensile


Volt - A unit of electromotive force. The electrical potential needed

to produce one ampere of current with a resistance of one


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