December 22, 2014

100°% Grass-fed Dairy Meeting and round-table discussion with Cheyenne Christianson

Monday, January 19
Cheyenne will be in the area for a meeting in Maryland and offered to come up to Lancaster to speak with farmers interested in forage only milk production. Here is more information about Cheyenne and topics to be covered.
Cheyenne Christianson and his family run a 70-cow organic dairy in northern Wisconsin. They have been successful using intensive rotational grazing since 1994 and feeding no grain for 15 years to their Holstein herd. He also writes articles for Graze and shares what works on his farm to all that are interested. Cheyenne will cover methods used on his farm in the production of forage only milk, including grazing height and protein balance, the use of annuals (oats, rye, triticale, sorghum sudan Japanese millet and turnips) to fill in and extend the grazing season, mob grazing to build organic matter and drought resistance, and fertility improvements to add
nutrient density to the forage.
Additional topics for discussion:

• Economics of organic forage only dairy and comparing small to moderate grain feeding models
• Viability in the Northeast
• Molasses or other energy supplementation – yes or no?
• Market demand and availability. Ned MacArthur from Natural By Nature will be present to answer
questions and give feedback about current 100% grass-fed milk prem1ums.

Cheyenne will give a presentation about his farm experience. The floor will be open for questions
and discussion. The goal is for an informal meeting with plenty of opportunity for questions and
input by all in attendance. The meeting is open to anyone,currently grass-fed or not,who is
interested in this production paradigm.

The market demand for 100% grass and forage (zero-grain) milk is increasing and shows exciting potential. Another benefit in attending this meeting will be the increased awareness for local grassfed producer opportunities!

Date & Time: Monday, January 19 at 9:30 AM until finished.
Light lunch provided.
Location: Houston Run Community Center
835 Houston Run Dr. Gap, PA
Cost: $20 (includes lunch).

Space limited so please pre-register to reserve a spot and to ensure a lunch. Mail the form below to Lancaster County Graziers by NO LATER than January 12.

Lancaster County Graziers
1142 Gap Road
Kinzers, PA 17535

Make checks payable to Lancaster County Graziers
Registration and payment may be combined with Grazing Conference as long as both forms are
Questions? Contact Roman at 717-278-1208 or

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