December 06, 2014

What kind of fence charger?

You need a good, strong "fencer" (the electric fence "charger"). When they say on the box how many miles the fencer charges, they list the greatest length of one strand under the absolute most ideal situations. When buying a charger for your situation, get at least the next one up from what you really think you need; better yet, get one you think is way more than you really need. Remember that if you are using four stands of wire, you will be going around your property four times, so the length the fencer has to charge is four times the length of your fence.  Don't get a fencer just rated for pets; you want to look at the bigger fencers rated to keep out predators (and keep in goats). Our fencer gives a 6000 volt pulse jolt: strong enough for predators, yet safe enough that it will not physically hurt a week old goatbaby (but it sure will give him a jolt that teaches him to stay away from the fence). You want to make absolutely sure that anyone who touches the fence will get a kick they will never forget.

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