August 16, 2014

Management of Sheep and Goats for Grazing, Herd Health, Performance and Profitability

Amazing Grazing kicks off its second year of programming with a comprehensive, two-day workshop led by Dr. Jim Gerrish focusing on pasture-based sheep and goat production and marketing.


Join Dr. Jim Gerrish--a well-known and respected sheep rancher, researcher and grazing educator who co-founded the Missouri Grazing School--on August 15-16 for "Management of Sheep and Goats for Grazing, Herd Health, Performance and Profitability."

According to Dr. Gerrish, "Sheep and goats offer opportunities for landowners as alternatives to raising cattle. Greater production efficiencies, niche market values, and ease of handling make sheep and goats particularly attractive for smaller acreages. Managing smaller ruminants does require a different skill set than cattle, and they require more attention to the details of management."


This workshop will cover topics including:

  • grazing practices for parasite management;
  • fence and stock water development for ease of grazing;
  • extending the grazing season;
  • selecting the optimal season for lambing/kidding
  • direct marketing
  • and more
Dr. Brian Faris, head of KSU Animal Science Department Sheep and Goats and the newly built small ruminant facility, will join the Manhattan small ruminant workshop. Faris was raised in Texas and will share a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sheep and goat industry. The workshop will include a tour of the new facility; where a hands-on workshop for producers to learn small animal health management techniques will be held later in the fall.
Click on a link below to learn more or to register.

We encourage ranchers of all sizes to attend as you will learn valuable grazing information and management skills that will improve production and profitability of your livestock enterprise.

Please feel free to contact Mary if you have any questions about the event or how to register.


We look forward to seeing you in Manhattan!




Mary Howell
Kansas Farmers Union & Kansas Graziers Association

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