July 26, 2014

Electric Fence For Gardens

Before you can put up your electric fence, there are a few preparations you must do.

1. The very first thing you must do is measure the parameter of the garden. It is important to plan to have a foot space between the edge of the garden and any plants that are close to the edge. You will use this measurement to determine how much electrical wire you will need and approximately how many metal stakes you should get.

2. Gather the necessary parts for the electric fence. They are listed below.

Materials Needed:
~Electric Fence Wire
~Electric Power Box (Select the best one that suits your gardening needs)
~Metal Stakes
~Grounding Post
~Plastic Hooks (2 per metal stake)
~8 Round Plastic Rings and 8 pieces of wire approximately 24 inches long (Corner connectors)
~Sledge Hammer/Pile Driver
~Wire Cutter
~Gloves (Optional; not pictured)

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