July 02, 2014

Solar powered electric fence chargers.

Do your research, know how many output joules you are buying. Most complete units have very low power ratings. When creating a system there are several problems that can be prevented prior to setup. First and foremost a solar panel should always be oriented due south if you are located in the northern hemisphere at approximately 35-40°. When choosing a solar panel the general rule of thumb is 10 watts of panel per 1 joule of energizer. You can never collect to much sunlight. A bigger panel is always better, as long as you provide battery protection with a solar controller. The solar controller will protect the battery from over charging, and should also be equipped with low voltage disconnect. A deep cycle marine battery is essential to a solar setup. A deep cycle marine battery offers re-chargeability/longevity over a normal car battery. Use a deep cycle marine battery that has at least 100-120 Ah (amp hours) or at least 675 CCA (cold cranking amps), for ideal performance. Reading the directions is fundamental, take your time and correctly set up your solar system.

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