June 30, 2014

Voltmeter needed for Electric Fence?

The most helpful tool when mending or fixing electric fences would be a voltmeter. A voltmeter is the easiest most efficient way to figure out if your electric fence is going to be effective. Without a voltmeter you can only speculate how your fence is performing. You will sleep better knowing the exact voltage of your fence. Animals will learn not to touch a fence that has 5,000-10,000 volts pulsing through it. There are many different types of voltmeters on the market. Most common are those that manually need grounded by pushing a small pin into the earth. These are very effective and will precisely measure the voltage of your electric fence. Since technology is always changing, there are now units that will measure voltage and detect faults by showing an amperage draw direction. Units of this caliber are very handy when searching for poor connection, bad insulators, or broken wires. Don’t make the mistake of working on an electric fence line without a quality voltmeter.

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