May 20, 2014

What you need for a Solar Electric Fence

PowerPlus solar powered battery energizers provide effective animal control for remote locations where there is no mains supply.

  1. Solar Panel
    Solar panels generate power by processing the UV light in the atmosphere. Depending on your power requirements Gallagher have a range of solar panels from 5-60 Watt to meet your needs.
  2. Regulator
    The regulator ensures that the battery is not damaged by excessive amounts of power from the solar panel.
  3. Battery
    The key consideration in choosing a battery for a Solar Power Fence System is the battery type and capacity (amp hours). There must be sufficient capacity to reliably power the energizer during winter or reduced light conditions. The recommended battery type is a deep cycle (also called leisure or marine) battery.
  4. Energizer
    Gallagher has a range of battery energizers that are suitable for solar installation. This can be in a portable application e.g. S17, or a permanent application e.g. B700 Solar.
  5. Earth
    Remember to apply the rule when installing a permanent solar powered fence system.
  6. Fence
    Connect a lead set between the fence terminal and the fence ensuring that the connection is firm (Use a Joint Clamp).

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