December 02, 2013

Gallagher’s Ingenious Fence Tester Powers Itself

Easily clipped to an electric fence, Gallagher’s new Live Fence Indicator is a clever device that shows a fence is working properly. Best of all, it doesn’t need batteries!

Gallagher Product Manager Byron Arnold says the Live Fence Indicator is designed to be permanently fitted to an electric fence and features a super-bright flashing LED light that can be seen from a considerable distance, day or night.

“It’s very simple. If the light is flashing, the fence is working correctly. If there is no flashing, the fence voltage is too low and you know you have a problem.”

Byron says the Live Fence Indicator is designed to give farmers peace of mind that the fence is doing its job.

He says its biggest advantage is that it runs off the power of the fence itself, so no batteries are required.

“That’s quite a significant technical advancement and it means that the Live Fence Indicator is a very reliable, low-maintenance product.”

Positioned in a convenient and visible location, the Live Fence Indicator flashes with the fence pulses to show that the fence has sufficient power to be effective.

Easily installed, it can be clipped onto fence wire or attached to electric fence tape up to 40mm in width.

Byron says the Live Fence Indicator has been developed to make life easier for the farmer by providing a permanent and convenient solution to fence testing issues.

“You don’t have to worry about carrying a portable fence tester around all the time. And you don’t have to remember to change batteries.”

Water and UV resistant, the Live Fence Indicator is built tough to ensure a long working life.
It was developed using laboratory tests that mimicked the harsh conditions most fences are exposed to, including blistering heat and torrential rain.

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