November 30, 2013

Electric fences for horses

Electric fences for horses

This month we look at electric fencing for horses. So why use electric fencing for horse control?


Electric fencing for horses is ideal for grazing and pasture management, and offers many advantages when compared to a conventional non electrified fence. Electric horse fencing is economical, costing as much as 50 per cent less than traditional non electrified fences.

An electric horse fence also takes less than half the time to build, compared with traditional fence systems, saving you time and money.

As well as the cost savings, electric fencing acts as a psychological barrier, and it is therefore safer than a traditional non electrified fence. Horses remember the short, sharp, but safe shock and develop respect for the fence.

This also has the advantage of increasing the longevity of your fencing system, because horses will be less likely to make contact with your fence, leading to less wear and tear.

There are two types of electric fencing for horses: permanent and portable, and three ways to power them: mains battery or solar/battery energizers.

A permanent electric horse fence system is suited for long term horse control. It is the most effective way to control horses and maximise the efficiency of pasture management on your property.

It is important to make sure your electric horse fence system is constructed properly and at Gallagher, we understand the importance of constructing an electric horse fence which is effective and suitable.

The effectiveness of your electric horse fence depends on the correct combination of these four factors for your particular situation:

  1. A mains-powered energizer,
  2. An earthing system,
  3. A well insulated fence system, and
  4. An adequate lead-out (connection between the energizer and the fence).

Portable electric horse fencing provides flexibility in pasture management and is ideal for short-term control or rotational grazing.

Easily transported, constructed and maintained, portable horse fencing is an effective temporary fencing solution, which can be powered by Gallagher mains, battery or solar/battery systems.

Uses include:

  • Break feeding pasture and crops
  • Short-term horse control
  • Intensive grazing
  • Impromptu fencing – silage stacks/hay bales

Portable electric fencing has many benefits:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Re-usable/portable
  • Cost effective
  • Convenient to transport/carry

Gallagher produces some effective horse specific fencing products, such as the conductive EquiFence, which is the safe, effective solution for your permanent horse control.

EquiFence has a galvanised medium-tensile wire core of 25mm, coated with a high-stress, crack resistant polyethylene pipe, which ensures long life in all conditions.

Gallagher has also developed the TurboPlus and Turbo range of Gallagher horse tape products, offering safety, performance and longevity through the mixed metal strand system.

See our website for details on the range of Gallagher horse products or visit your nearest stockist.

Sourced from Lifestyle Farmer
Published 01 July 2010

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