November 15, 2013

Gallagher Fencing Tip: Which Energizer To Use

Gallagher Fencing Tip: Which Energizer To Use

I'm building an electric fence but I'm confused by all the power choices.
Which energizer should I use?

It depends on your situation. Gallagher makes many models with a variety of carefully engineered capabilities. The questions you should answer first are:

· What animals do you want to control?
Containing domestic stock within a pasture takes less power than fencing wildlife out of an area.

· How much acreage do you want to protect?
Obviously, you need a bigger energizer to carry adequate power on larger jobs. If there is a large vegetation challenge for the fence, you need more power. It's a good idea to plan now for any additions you might need down the road, too.

· What power source is available?
Can you tap into a 110 or 220-volt source? If you can't, there is a wide range of battery- and solar-powered units available.

· Can you do the job with a portable system?
Portable systems are easy-to-setup and can be quickly moved, if necessary. A solar kit is usually best for this application.

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